Options for Rapid Covid-19 Testing Improving

ExpressCare Urgent Care Centers now offering Rapid COVID-19 testing at all its MD and DE locations.
As many countries have flattened the curve of new COVID-19 cases, the US has struggled mightily with controlling this novel virus. With new hotspots popping up weekly throughout the nation, public health officials are becoming more and more frustrated with their options to monitor and trace outbreaks before they become uncontrollable.

A key component required to manage any pandemic is testing. Health experts say that testing is a vital tool for controlling coronavirus outbreaks, especially as lockdowns are eased. Test results give authorities a picture of how many people are infected in an area, and let infected people know that they need to isolate themselves. Tragically, the US has failed to produce enough tests while other countries, such as Australia, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, and Taiwan, managed to contain the virus early and are working hard to keep it suppressed as they reopen their economies.
Moreover, far too often the current testing options are difficult to find, require a doctor’s order and can take 5 to 10 days to return results.
Rapid COVID-19 Testing at ExpressCare Will Aid in Disease Surveillance

What once took days, now will only take 15 minutes when it comes to getting COVID-19 test results.
Rapid COVID-19 testing machines are now in service at all ExpressCare’s Maryland and Delaware locations. The COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 analyzer does rapid analysis of both COVID-19 and influenza through nasal swab tests — producing test results in 15 minutes. And the analyzer isn’t much bigger than a credit card processing machine.

“The real advantage is the 15-minute rapid turn-around time for COVID-19 tests, as well as influenza testing,” Dr. Maurice Reid, ExpressCare’s CEO and Medical Director who has been overseeing the project, said. “We’re getting into the flu season here shortly, so it’s going to be nice to be able to distinguish between flu or COVID patients so we can segregate them quickly.”

“The whole goal is to determine who needs to be in quarantine. With a quick and accurate test like our rapid COVID-19 test, we can get patients quarantined as soon as possible, so they are not going out and spreading the virus to the community.” Reid continued.

Unlike other urgent care centers who may be offering rapid testing, ExpressCare is offering testing to all who want to know their status, regardless of their symptomatology. “You do not have to have symptoms (of COVID) to have this test. We know that 40% of cases are spread by asymptomatic contacts, so widespread testing is very important, but certainly if you have classic symptoms — fever, cough, sinus congestion, runny nose, aches, loss of taste, loss of smell, you should be tested asap,” Reid said. “The key is getting tested early and often.”

ExpressCare does not collect a copay for COVID-19 related visits, and even offers this service for free to those who do not have health insurance. “We do not want a person’s financial status to be a hinderance to accessing this vital resource. We encourage the entire community to stay vigilant and know their status.” Reid said.

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